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The Real Estate Negotiator's Certification Course (NCC) is the most important and compulsory course that any negotiator must attend so that you can get a REN Tag to provide real estate services in Malaysia.  ​If you are serious to take the Real Estate Business as a career. Then, this is the course that you must attend if you want to expand your business and income. 

房地产登记课程(NCC)是房地产经纪必须参加的最重要和必修课程,以便您可以获得REN标签与在马来西亚提供房地产服务。 如果你认真对待房地产业务。 那么,这是您必须参加的课程,以扩大您的业务和收入.

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Most of our participants have given high regards for our classes and presentations. The participants love and enjoy our class as it is practical, fun, and informative. The class is a great chance for participants to build social network and good meals are provided too. 

我们的学生对我们的课程和演讲表示了高度的敬意。与会者享受我们的课程,因为它实用,有趣,以及信息丰富。 课程里也是与会者建立社交网络的好机会,也提供了良好的膳食。

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Real Estate is a lucrative profession with practitioners receiving up to (%) of professional fees for every successful property transaction. However, every person wishing to practice estate agency (sell / rent properties) is required by law to be registered and have a registration number.

房地产是一项利润丰厚的行业,房地产经纪可以在每次成功的房地产交易中获得高达 (%)的专业费用。但是,每个希望从事房地产经纪(出售/出租物业)的人都必须依法注册并拥有注册号

Who is a Real Estate Negotiator (REN)?

​How to become Real Estate Negotiator (REN)? 

How to be registered and obtain a REN tag?

A Real Estate Negotiator (REN) is an individual who is employed by a Registered Real Estate firm/agency. 

​Individual/REN wants to be registered and obtain a REN tag being attached to a licensed agency and attending our 2 days Negotiator Certification Course (NCC)



 如何注册并获得REN TAG?

房地產經紀员(REN)是受雇于注册房地产中介的人。当有人 / REN希望通过附加到许可房地产中介并参加我们的 2天房地產登記課程(NCC)进行注册并获得REN标签。

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Guidelines to help you:  

1) Must attend 2 days Negotiator Certification Course (NCC) on real estate. 

2) He/She/REN will receive Certificate of Attendance.  

3) With this Certificate of Attendance, they seek employment either on a contract of service or contract for service with a real estate firm.  

4) The real estate firm then, will apply for the Ren Tag with the BOVAEP for the REN. 

5) BOVAEP will then certify and designate a REN number & issue a Tag to the REN, only then the REN can be employed by the firm and only then can they represent sellers, landlords, buyers & tenants in the sale and marketing of properties.


1) 必须参加2天的房地产谈判员认证课程(NCC)。

2) 他/她/ REN将获得出席证书。


4) 然后,房地产中介将通过BOVAEP为REN提交Ren Tag申请。 

5) BOVAEP 将对REN编号进行认证和指定,并向REN发行标签,只有这样,REN才能被代理商使用,只有这样才能代表销售和营销房产的供应商,房东,购买者和租户

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The 2-day Course overview:

1.    Overview of The Property Market − Where Is Malaysia’s Market Heading?

2.    Foundation To Real Estate Industry − The Act & The Rules To Success.
3.    The Malaysian Estate Agency Standards − The Do’s And Don'ts.
4.    Real Estate Practice − Key To Success In Profession/Business. 
5.    IT In Real Estate - Advertising, REN Role In Mortgage Financing & Banking. etc
6.    Legal Training − Real Estate Forms, Title, Tenancy & SPA.
7.    Laws Relating To Estate Agency Transaction-Learn and Understand The Language of Investors.
8.    What’s Next − Diploma Course, Ren Registration & Transfer Process.

9.    The Journey Begins − Certificate Presentation

Our Practitioners and trainers are experienced practitioners, who will guide and equip you with exceptional training & the necessary skills that you will need to negotiate and close the deals.​


1) 房地产市场概述 - 马来西亚市场走向何方?
2) 房地产业的基础 - 法案和成功的规则。 
3) 马来西亚房地产机构标准 - 做与不做。 
4) 房地产业务 - 在职业/业务中取得成功的关键。 
5) 信息技术在房地产 - 广告,REN在抵押贷款和银行业的作用..等等  
6) 法律培训 - 房地产表格,职称,租赁和SPA。
7) 有关房地产代理交易的法律,学习和理解投资者的语言  
8) 接下来是什么 - 文凭课程,人员注册和转学流程。   
9) 旅程开始 - 证书介绍 

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